About Us

A warm welcome..............To Fastright Engineering Ltd,we are marketplace leaders in subcontract precision fabrications and bespoke designs.fine limet sheet metal work ,complex builds, to full assembleys.

our unique order tracking system allows the first of a kind fully automated manufacturing process, that allows flexability and pure transparancy in manufacture

we innovate create and ,minipulate 3d / 2d models. Crafting is our specialty. SAT FILE FOR SHEETS/IGES FOR SOiLDS as the standards,all other file accepted.

Quality assurance ISO9001-2001 . Design assurance ISO18001

for many many years we all have toiled and crafted, to perfected our art ,we are driven by pride in our work and like to be challenged.


Our focus on speed and accuracy is unrivalled.

Fast-Track-immediate responce to all urgent orders

Production-manufacture of full production small-medium-large batch work

Design Development-reverse engineering ,modelling,prototypeing.........